Company Introduction

Chairman of the Board of Directors – Anatoly F. Dyakov

Director General – Tatyana M. Mamonova

Since 1995 under the instruction of the Unified Energy System of the Russian Federation, STC “Energoprogress” has been functioning as a publishing house issuing specific industrial, scientific and technical journals such as “Power & Electrical Engineering”, “Electric Power Plants”, “Hydrotechnical Construction”, “Industrial Power Engineering”, as well as “Power Engineering News” which is being issued since 2002. Journal editorial offices were included in the board of STC “Energoprogress” as structure subdivisions without right of legal entity. Since mid 1998 the company started issuing the appendix to the “Power & Electrical Engineering” journal – “Electrician’s Small Library” bimonthly brochure (since July 1999 – monthly brochure). Since 2000 the publishing house has started issuing bimonthly appendix “Energy Abroad”.

These five journals being published by STC “Energoprogress” make up the image of our scientific and technical field. Each of these journals is being published for already several decades. Its editorial boards are headed by major specialists of the field, such as A. onlinekarta F. Dyakov, G. G. Olkhovsky, G. G. Lapin, S.A. Tsyruk.